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Flyff Omegasus is a new Flyff Private server. Still under construction but is still online for other people to play!
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 Spiffy Application

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PostSubject: Spiffy Application   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:28 am

irl name: Zackery Elliott
in game name: SpiffyYaoi
age: 17
how long have you played flyff: 4 Years

experience of being gm: I'm A Gm On FlyforBordem though its not really popular, i'm also a Chat mod on flyff extreme, and i've made my own flyff pserver for fun before.

temper: Mild, cool, I dont get agrivated easily and i'm really laid back.

why should you pick me: Thought i'm not to bright with more of the technical things behind the game place.. I'm great with people/players. I can Handle my self well and i'm responsible and now how to keep people/players entertained.

and be honest can u really handle the power: Ofcourse I can like ive said before i'ma gm ona another server and a chat mod on another. I can handle the power and not abuse it.

tell us about your selfs: hmm...well i'm mixed [Black/white] i live in Tennessee(U.S) and thats really about it ~ lol
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Spiffy Application
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