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Flyff Omegasus is a new Flyff Private server. Still under construction but is still online for other people to play!
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 Example Application

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PostSubject: Example Application   Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:26 am

Real Name: Kodi Brunson
In-Game Name: Kodi
Age: 16

How long have you been playing Flyff:
I've been playing Flyff for about 4 years. I know almost everything about it there is to know and then some. Smile

Experience of bring a Flyff GM: I will be very honest with you say this: I have very little to no experience. I have been messing around with a server that I used to host(Not public just for me)and I learned a little bit from that.

Temper: I don't see this as a question but I will answer it anyway. I have a very good temper and a very controlled temper. I don't freak out whenever someone ask a simple little question. Now when someone asks a very stupid question like for example: "Where do I buy weapons?" and they are standing next to the npc saying "I sell weapons!" I get a little annoyed by that but I don't show it.

Why you should pick me:
I am a quick learner(Not sure if this counts but here I go) I am very experienced in JavaScript, Java, (X)HTML, and CSS. My CSS/HTML/XHTML proof: Website I made...I am not going to say the usually thing you see from people..."I feel I could do good for the community." Because that is a very common answer so I will make up one off the top of my head. I am a hard worker, I try to help everyone as quickly and efficiently as possible, I am fun to be around, I am a nice guy, I try and help everyone(sometimes I fail but who doesn't). I have a very active imagination(Meaning I am always thinking). Hope that's random enough for your liking. Smile

Can you really handle this power: I believe I can but the real judging is up to my over-seer.

A little about you(I added this part): I am a neat freak, I like to see people that use perfect to good grammer. I am a very good typist. I use very good to perfect grammer. I know what I am doing when someone asks me a question and if I don't I try my hardest to figure out an answer for it. I am anti-l33t speak...I can't stand it one bit sorry if that offends anyone.


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Example Application
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